275 Gal. IBC Tote ::
  • 6" Filling Port With Lid
  • 2" Discharge Valve
  • 4 Way Forklift Pallet
  • 46"H x 40"W x 48"L
  • 130 lbs. Empty Weight
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IBC Totes are built for industrial use and are very durable. IBC's can be stacked 2 units high when filled to capacity and even higher when empty. The pallet base is designed to safely nest into the top of another IBC. Excellent tanks for potable water storage. They can also be buried, plumbed together, cut open for storage or waste bins, modified into grow/gardening beds etc. etc.

Adapters and accessories are available.
  • Food Grade Steam Cleaned: $120
  • Agricultural Grade Cleaned: $100
  • Non Food Grade Cleaned (Grade A): $100
  • Non Food Grade Cleaned (Grade B): $80
  • Non Food Grade Damaged (Grade C): $50
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